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Thank you for bringing to light this everyday problem in all the Alabama prisons, it’s true they make bad choices but you also have evil people in there, guards and inmates that do take advantage of them at their lowest, they get to a point and give up hope, I’ve been here and through this for almost 15 years and a few years ago my loved one got on his knees and begged God to help him and he did and he hasn’t done drugs since and he is in a better place but the fear and stigma is still there, he’s seen and heard it all and experienced a lot and yes he told me and like this mother I did not think he was going to live, I really thought inmates would kill him and so did he and he’ll tell you it’s his fault for making bad choices. But the crime , rape , murder, beatings with no regard for life is still in there right along with any drugs you want and the devil behind it all and living conditions are like a third world country that our Governor, legislators and parole board and ADOC have turned their backs on and society has also unless they know someone, they don’t care. Christians don’t care, but let me tell you all God does! These inmates have made mistakes but God loves them just as much as he loves anyone because they are his children also and he will bring all the darkness to the light and we all individually will be held accountable for our actions and non actions. Just this year alone now over 215 male inmates have died, these were sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and had people who loved them and that is mass killings to me and the media on TV doesn’t give it the time of day however we know they cover for our Governor. Hopefully since the DOJ has been to almost every prison this week they will finally do something since their lawsuit against Governor Ivy, ADOC and AG in 2018 and court day was put off again by the Judge until 2024, I think the people and inmates have waited long enough and more than enough bloodshed have occurred in the last three years! It’s past time these men be treated like human beings, start the rehabilitation program back that hasn’t be done in 4-5 years, hold their staff accountable for not just bringing in drugs but talking to them like dogs and believe me dogs are getting better treatment that most of these inmates. Pray for our state and leaders that they can open their hearts and help right these wrongs and if they don’t plan on it they need to resign and get out of the way! All people deserve second chances!

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I don't know your son. I don't think he's been to zny prison with me and in 29 years i have been to every max prison in the state and and 1 level 4. I hear the concern and love in your words when you are talking about your son, but the reality of ALDOC's prisons is that damn near every single white dude your sons age is a drug addict, a straight and if your son was honest with youand he loved you as much as you love him, he would be man enough to tell you that. If he was really concerned for his own well being, he would get off drugs. The truth is.all the money that you have sent to your son for the last 12+ years has gone to the dope man to buy your son drugs. If your son really love you as much as you love him, knowing what those phone calls and pictures are doing to you, he would quit drugs cold turkey, go to lockup for two or three months and stop calling you for money.

Prison today is loaded with junkies, black and white. But the biggest junkies in prison is the white man. They will do anything to get high and that includes calling you crying, sending you pictures of them after getting beat up by the dope man, and selling there ass and mouth for drugs.

The white man in prison is the prime target of every dope man to give drugs to. They take the drugs on a promise of getting money and paying them. But they tell ten different dope men the same thing, get there drugs smoke or shot it up, and when he gets his money, he doesn't have the money to pay all ten dealers for the drugs they gave him. Your son knew that when he took the drugs from each dezler. He knew he wasn't going to have the money to pay all those folks, but his addiction and greed made him do it anyway. He thought he was being smart. He wasn't, he just did what everywhite junky has done in prison forever, think he can talk his way out of a killing or ass whooping. It doesn't work. Thats why you get all those calls and pictures. Ten different drug dealers want there money from your son and he is doing nothing more than pimping you fot his addiction. Harsh reality check, i know. I see it everyday. Todays prison is full of nothing but junkies, you would be surprise. And the biggest junky is the young and old white man. You have a whole lot of black junkies to, don't get me wrong, junkies come in all colors and age. Its a shame but thzts how it is. When your son or any other white dude cant get money from the streets anymore, they sell there ass and mouth for drugs and whiteboys are the ones that everyone wants to fuck. And these white dudes will fuck as many black dudes as they can just to stay high day and night. They won't even go take a shower after every fuck, they will wipe there ass, put on the same nasry clothes and go to the next person all day and night as long as they get enough money to buy drugs to keep them high.

I am not saying your son wasn't raped when he first got to prison. That still happens if you run into the wrong person. But the majority of his time in prison, your sons been a homosexual strickly just to get high. He will do anything to get high. This is the worst I have ever seen the prison system. Its loaded with junkies.everyday, all day, these junkies are all getting high togeter and falli g out together.they all share the same needles and fuck and suck the same dicks. And they all have worn out there folks who love them. Spent all there folks retirement money with no concern whatsoever of what this is doing to you.

I hate it for you because your son isn't man enough to be honest with you and tell you you are supporting his drug habit. You are enabl enabl ing him to continue to get high. Real love wouĺd make him do thzt if he had any. What is the drug of choice in prison today?

#1. Ice or meth, white and black are on it heavy

#2 flakka either on paper, in cigarettes(called brown clown) or in the powder form. They love it prison. 95% of the prison population is on it.

#3 Heroin and fentynol. Black and white love it 85% of all prison pop. Is on it and you got some fools rather have fentanyl than heroin. Why? Fentanynol last longer.

#4 Crack cocaine. I can't believe how many of these old i mate still love and crave crzck. 40 % of the prison pop. Still on it.

#5 Weed(Marijuana) 90-97% of the prison pop. Are on it..

The above are the reasons your son keeps you working three jobs and up all night worrying about him, he is a ju ky and he isn't man enough to tell you so. YOUR OTHER SON KNOWS THIS but he is not telli g you the truth because his zss did the same thing. Worried you zs long as he could and when he wore you out, started fucking out his ass and sucking dicks for drugs.This is todays priso, nothing but junkies

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The sad truth.

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16 years for a first offense is just crazy.

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This is his brother Rhett Phelps I want his picture removed u just signed my brothers death certificate with putting his picture on social media .when something happens to him because be ready because I'm coming for everyone of your jobs I've seen what they do as far as sgt,cpt,lt.ive seen them all bring it in and 15 mins later the inmates are getting busted.take a 20 dollar prepaid cell phone in there turn around and sell it for 400 dollars take a Oz of weed for a 120 on the street get it in there turn around 1000 dollars for it.

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Rhett- I hear your concerns. Aaron's mother first posted the photo on social media and wanted me to write about it because she felt he's already in danger and his situation needed to be exposed. I sent word to your brother that I wanted to speak with him directly but he declined. I'm happy to speak with you further if you want to talk about your concerns.

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