Thanks again Beth for your undeserved attention to this matter. We're fighting bears with switches and with no end in sight. All of the suspects you listed are worthy of having complete blame laid on them. Maybe that was their game plan all along-to have so many people to look at that we can't pinpoint just one. Hope is dwindling steadily on the inside.

We're starving for some relief. Most have rebuilt their lives as to solidify the chances of defeating recidivism , if released. All of their hardwork washed down the drain at what most are looking at as a retrial since the only thing being considered is what got us in prison in the first place. Not our rehab, self help, educating, mentoring, leading, maturing, and ultimately our overall changing! These things take a backseat at a parole hearing. Look, there's a stark reminder of the prejudiced regime we're under in the State of Alabama, plastered to the side of The Legacy Museum downtown: "From enslavement to mass incarceration..." This is for every tourist and native alike to see and be reminded that they're in the South, this is the way of life here, and there is literally nothing that can be done about it!

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Thanks for keeping it real and being true to your profession as journalist.

Providing clarity &,balancing reporting &hardcore facts about a department (ADOC&it's created entity that suppose to function subservient to ADOC) that has become mantra sell pitch for votes, promotional legacy platform for narcissistic individuals, A cash cow to rob the taxpayer through the general fund budget every year increasing to high Jack public funds with absolutely no results , all the in state coffers involved to split the from your politicians to local small &big business players involved with the heist.

This department & entities involved deserves an audit by the demand of the general public &,the billions that have been& continue to be (1.3billion new construction in the middle of pandemic & inflation & recession) spent and the demand by certain political players &private business involved bc this is the people's money and the people needs to follow the money trail to catch the culprits to who they have arranged these contracts to and the products price to what's being sold at the taxpayer expense.

This is the year 2022 not 1822 and you wonder why the state legislature have a law in place that only the governor can order an audit of an agency about the taxpayer dollars that has never been audit for the public 🤔🙊🙈🙉

Why do we have an elected official like the state auditor for 🤔🙊🙈🙉

Is the state auditor complicit with what's going on with all these billions of dollars under the table 🤔

These career politician has basically rob the general funds for years through personal gains from awarding contracts (mike Hubbard) & Only God knows what else involved .

We have a shortage on teachers but we emptying the coffers to a system that's equivalent to fetynal junkie out of its mind &control by the same career junkie politicians that has had years &wealth of taxpayers dollars with compounded problems growing & mutating like covid with no answers & results but constantly want more money 🙉🙈🙊🤧

Time to clean house so let's follow the money and see how far the rabbit hole runs &who's all in the rabbit hole .

Things that makes you say hmmm and that ain't no bull but the public see and now smell the bs 🙊🙈🙉🤔

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Great article definitely shed some light on Alabama corruption. Eventually they will pay the cost of there injustice.

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Thank you for continuing to research and write about our horrific prisons as well as the Parole Board. I'd say Marshall is the hatemonger.

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